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Dec. 7th, 2016 10:41 pm
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wow i should probably put some info or something here huh

this is hallelujah from shin megami tensei iv apocalypse and he is played by [ profile] hologramblue

placeholder placeholder

General canon stuff: he's from an SMT game, the apocalypse hit and everything sucks. He's with the yakuza. His best friend is a fox demon.

In memes and AUs and whatnot I usually play him as he is at the beginning of his canon, before his character arc gets rolling. For canon universe and OOC/meta stuff, I take him from post-game.

PRE-CANON PERSONALITY: Fifteen years old. Very withdrawn; likes people, but has terrible self-esteem, so he trips over himself trying to please others while being self-deprecating to head off the criticism he expects to get. Very, very loyal to people he admires.

Genuinely caring. Once he realizes that someone is going to be less harsh on him than he already is, he loosens up around them and shows a sense of humor that's half sarcastic and half goofball. Pretty emotionally astute, good at noticing when something is up with the people around him, good at jumping in to do something about that.

Spoiler here, highlight to see: the source of his issues is that he's half-demon by blood, the circumstances of his birth and childhood caused massive problems for his mom who he loved and who is now dead, and he's convinced this makes him innately Bad. Also the guy who adopted him is an enormous douchebag.

POST-CANON PERSONALITY: Same nice kid but without the crippling insecurities. Still not super confident by nature, but has resolved to trust and value himself as a general rule.


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